Pete Mansel (Sales)

Pete is the VP of Sales at Rigor, a leading provider of Digital Experience Lifecycle Management solutions. As a growth mindset leader with 23+ years of experience driving new revenue for enterprise software companies, he loves building  and developing high performing teams. Today, Pete’s responsibilities include accelerating Rigor’s growth and sales velocity across all addressable markets globally. 

Slides Deck Presentation

On May 24, 2018 at the Simply SaaS Forum, powered by Atlanta Ventures, Pete took us through how Rigor achieved $3 Million ARR in December of 2016 and have now reset the vision to $20 Million. He left the audience with five lessons learned: 1) Recruit, observe, coach, 2) Standardize - discovery, qualification & messaging, 3) Ensure demos deliver value (from the customers vantage point), 4) GTM Weekly Operational cadence, and 5) Training.

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