Kevin O'Malley (MARKETING)

Kevin has over 20 years of Marketing experience. Just over 10 years ago, he departed a comforting career in a Fortune 50 company: UPS, and dove headfirst into the now thriving SaaS scene -- not exactly what his then pregnant wife with twins had in mind for him. Today, Kevin is running marketing for one of the fastest (if not fastest) SaaS companies in Atlanta, SalesLoft. Kevin enjoys learning new methods of Marketing that improves the speed and accuracy for creating predictable and scalable growth.

Slides Deck Presentaion

On May 24, 2018 at the Simply SaaS Forum, powered by Atlanta Ventures, Kevin took us through a new way to think about marketing. He left the audience with three lessons learned: 1) Assume goodwill, 2) Negative stress can impact team productivity, and 3) Delegate what you love the most.

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