Katie Christian (Customer Success)

Katie “Rogers” Christian is known for her passion and eye for exceptional customer experiences, driving growth and scaling culture. She’s morphed her time as a national championship rower and executive leading US sales in a 5 Star multinational organization, to driving success within the ever evolving SaaS community.

In 2014 she joined SalesLoft as the 7th hire to create and scale the post sales function. Katie’s hired over 40+ employees in the areas of support, training and customer success. She’s led her teams through two successful product launches; one a seamless sunset and the other rapidly scaling from $2M to $20M in two years with no signs of stopping.  

Slides Deck Presentation

On May 24, 2018 at the Simply SaaS Forum, powered by Atlanta Ventures, Katie took us through through SalesLoft Customer Success from scratch. She left the audience with best practices about hiring for Idea, Product Market Fit, and Scaling stages.

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